We offer a variety of pool services for both residential and commercial clients.

River City Pools knows that when you own a pool, you want to spend more time relaxing in it and less time thinking about pool care. Either that, or you’re busy taking care of your customers! 


River City Pools knows that when you own a pool, you want to spend more time relaxing in it and less time thinking about pool care. Our maintenance programs are created based on only what you want and allow you to choose how frequently we deliver our services like chemical balancing, system automation, resurfacing and equipment troubleshooting. We work closely with our clients in a no-pressure environment to get them exactly what they need: River City Pools is here to make your pool ownership experience pleasant and easy.


While you’re busy taking care of your own customers, River City Pools is there to take care of your pool or spa. We can renovate your existing facilities, including chemical system automation, resurfacing and installation of overflow gutters, high-rate sand filtration and UV systems. Our technicians are always available for mechanical equipment troubleshooting to keep your business running smoothly. River City Pools is also happy to extend our maintenance programs to commercial clients to keep your mind on the business and let us do the rest.


Repairs & servicing

Media replacement

Filters require maintenance, and we can take care of all of it. River City Pools also offers filter rebuilding and cleaning, as well as replacement of the filter media. Even if you think your filter is done for, we’ll take a look and see if we can refinish it back into use.

Mechanical equipment service

Even with lots of care, your pool can have issues from time to time. We can troubleshoot and service your pumps, heaters, auto-fill systems and more! When there’s a more serious problem and your parts require repair or replacement, River City Pools will be there to handle it. We can also retrofit most existing systems to accommodate an auto-fill system (for water top-ups).

Mechanical upgrades

Mechanical upgrades improve your pool system’s efficiency, meaning lower costs and less maintenance down the road. UV upgrades, which include sanitation for a healthier swimming environment, are available to both residential and commercial clients. And in the event that pool regulations in your area change, River City Pools can help ensure your pump and filter flow rates are increased to properly comply. 

Underwater repair

We understand that draining a pool to make repairs can be an enormous chore. That’s why River City Pools has underwater breathing equipment that allows us to make underwater repairs, rather than draining your entire pool.

Construction & maintenance

Maintenance programs

Since our top priority is what’s easiest for our customers, River City Pools offers a wide variety of residential and commercial programs. We can schedule you for daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning, chemical testing and general mechanical maintenance. We never want our clients to feel pressured, so we’re happy to work with them based on what they want – and not what we want to sell.


If you’re looking for a complete overhaul, we’ll work with you to determine the best solutions for your aquatic facility needs based on your budget and existing conditions. River City Pools specializes in complete custom renovation, restoration and upgrades using our partner products from EcoFinish, AquaBright pool surfaces and Delifol PVC liners, tile and plaster finishes. We can even install overflow gutters for commercial pools.


Whatever you can imagine, we can build, whether it’s an in-ground, concrete or composite pool or spa. All pools and spas by River City Pools are hand-built based on our clients’ imaginations and not a pre-made kit.

Water treatments

Pristine treatments

Chlorine dioxide is an aggressive oxidizer that destroys contaminants and bacteria in water. Pristine Spa Water Renew is a chlorine dioxide kit for home hot tub use that River City Pools offers in order to keep your personal spa clean and safe. For commercial clients, River City Pools offers an on-site chlorine dioxide treatment to rid public spas of contaminants and bacteria.

Chemical automation

River City Pools is an authorized ControlOMatic and AcuTrol automation dealer. These systems constantly monitor the chemical levels in your pool or spa and can also automatically top up the necessary chemicals so you don’t have to worry about keeping a schedule. This kind of monitoring is always adjusting the sanitizer levels (i.e. chlorine or bromine) and pH balance which is set to your custom programming.

Microbiological recertification solution

There’s no need to superchlorinate or to drain your pool or spa that’s facing closure due to bacterial outbreaks or failed water samples: River City Pools offers one-hour solutions with our Pristine chlorine dioxide treatment. We’ll have your pool or spa in operating condition in no time.